Since releasing her self-titled CD in October 2007, singer-songwriter Rissi Palmer has received widespread media attention including The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, People Magazine, GIANT, New York Post, VIBE, CBS Saturday Early Show, Huffington Post, Extra, CNN, and many more.
Palmer's singles "Country Girl,” “Hold On To Me,” and “No Air” were all chart breakers on Billboard, her videos were fan favorites on CMT and GAC and she has been a performer at the White House and the Grand Ole Opry on numerous occasions.

2013 saw the release of a children’s LP, simply entitled Best Day Ever, featuring 10 songs---all happy, all light, all “comfort food” for the soul and is what Rissi calls “a sophisticated children’s album” while also being melodic nostalgia for adults. The entire project is filled with songs from the perspective of a child--the simple-yet-profound things that makes life the “best day ever” for children in so many ways. The album is available now on iTunes, Amazon, Cd Baby, and all major digital music outlets.

Rissi is currently writing and recording material for a new “adult” album, a sound that she describes as a “mixture of the country and soul music I grew up listening to”. The project is slated for release in late 2014.

  1. Yesterday marked the end of an era.  Those who know me well knew “Naomi” and how much I loved her.  She was the first thing I purchased with my record deal money.  Naomi has gone on to live with a nice young man in Garner, NC.  I shed a single tear as she drove off into the sunset…#ilovedthatdamncar #alwaysamustanggirl 23 hours ago
  2. Grace just completed her vocal for the new album 👏😍. I’m a proud mama!!!  #rissipalmer #newmusic #nashville 4 days ago
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  6. With all the crazy and horrible happening in the world, it’s hard to find the words to make sense of it all.  I hope this can serve as a reminder and offer some kind of comfort to those who need it right now… 1 week ago
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  9. The face of woman who is heading to Nashville in a few days finish her new album, who’s child is visiting her grandparents for a week, and who’s going to see Lauryn Hill tomorrow…#Clapyourhandsifyoufeellikehappinessisthetruth 👏 1 week ago
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